Introducing the Ultimate Budget Bundle: The All-in-One Guide to Budgeting like a Badass

Budget with intention & live in alignment with your values with the Ultimate Budget Bundle. Otherwise you will find the world deciding your financial future for you.


Here's the deal

You can’t expect financial freedom if you aren't creating a detailed plan for your money each month.

This downloadable budget bundle will walk you through auditing your spending, creating a plan for debt reduction, getting all of your fixed and variable expenses down on paper, create a details plan for your money this month and feel great about what you are spending money on.

what's inside the Ultimate Budget Bundle?

You can let comparison and instagram ads direct your spending, or you can take back control of your financial future, create and follow a plan and harness your greatest wealth building tool, your income! 


Exercises to identify your spending patterns and habits. 


An effective debt-reduction strategy where you walk step-by-step through categorizing and prioritizing your debts.


A printable budget that you can fill it, putting pen to paper, erasing, and customizing to your liking. 


A weekly must-have checklist to ensure you are going to not only write the budget down but implement the darn thing.


Friendly reminders that you are, in fact, human and if you've never budgeted before this could be a challenge.


Monthly calendar printouts to log your income and expense dates and see how the cashflow will occur in real time.


Important information on when you can expect your budget to be “easy” and how long it takes to get there.

Meet Tracy

Hey there. I'm Tracy Bingaman. I'm the creator of The Ultimate Budget Bundle, a time and money educator for busy moms who is on a mission to help PA Moms to earn more money and work less so that they have more time and money than they know what to do with.

The math of the money alongside the interpersonal skills you need in your life to execute and achieve your short and long-term money goals is pivotal in this life. If you want to achieve financial freedom and become “work optional" having a plan to harness the power of your income is key! 

If I'm not coaching moms in medicine to negotiate for more money and better hours you can find me chasing my 5 kids, 2 dogs and 1 husband up a mountain hiking in the summer or down a mountain skiing in the winter.

Budgeting can be super fun. 

But you need the right tools and strategies to get you there.